Volcano Classic Vaporizer System *Refurbished*

Das Original from Storz & Bickel: Proven quality from Germany. One of the worlds most popular vaporizers incl. Easy Valve Starter Set.
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Volcano Classic Vaporizer from Storz & Bickel - Proven and TÜV checked quality! *Refurbished*
Volcano Classic is one the most sold and popular electronic vaporizers sold around the globe. With this appliance it is possible to effectively and efficiently vaporize herbs and ethereal oils thanks to precise temperature control.
The Volcano Classic is designed as an elegant, brushed metal cone. The air and vaporizing parts of the appliance are manufactured with tasteless and food-safe materials.
The delivery scope includes the EASY VALVE Starter Set. The EASY VALVE distinguishes itself with simple use and minimum effort: the valve balloons and mouthpieces are maintenance-free and partly already attached.
Volcano Digit is a TÜV tested and certified product with a 3 year manufacturer guarantee.
Volcano Classic Details:
  • Tested and certified safety & quality
  • Proven and robust electric version
  • Vaporization temperature between 130°C and 230°C can be precisely set (temperature accuracy +/- 5°C)
  • High performance heating cartridge and strong membrane pump for great burdens
  • Independent temperature protection, air filter and muffler
  • 3 year manufacturer guarantee
Volcano Classic delivery scope:
  • Volcano Classic Vaporization System *Refurbished*
  • 5 EASY VALVE balloons
  • Filling chamber
  • Normal sieve set
  • Air filter set
  • Liquid pad
  • Cleaning brush
  • Original Storz & Bickel herb grinder
  • Detailed instruction manual also in German
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