Glass Spacers (2 pcs.)

Spacers for conduction vaporizer like the DaVinci IQ. Optimizes the steam quanitity at smaller dosages (2 pcs.)
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Glass spacers (2 pcs.)

They have been specially developed for conduction vaporizers to increase the steam yield at smaller doses, thus making the steam denser.

They are suitable for all vaporizers with a heating chamber of at least 10 mm diameter.

Compatible for:
  • DaVinci IQ
  • Focusvape
  • Storm
  • XMAX V2 Pro
  • Boundless CF/CFX/CFV
  • Flowermate AURA/Pro/Mini Pro
      ...and many more.

  • Ø approx. 9.5 mm
  • Height about 6 mm
  • 2x "Spacer" glass spacer for conduction vaporizers
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