FocusVape/FlowerMate Liquid Steel Pod (5 pcs.) (Capsules for oils, concentrates and liquids)

With the original FocusVape/FlowerMate Liquid Steel Pod you expand your herb vaporizer to a liquid vaporizer! Furthermore you protect the herb chamber and it is ideal addition if you want to use your vaporizer when on the move.
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FocusVape/FlowerMate Liquid Steel Pod
With the prepared fluid container, also known as liquid steel pod), there will no longer be a barrier of enjoying vapor when on the move  Beyond this you extend your herb vaporizer to a device that is also able to vaporize oils and concentrates.
You remain independent and flexibel as you are already able to fill the capsule at home. When on the move just put the capsule into the vaporizer and you are ready to enjoy a puff from the device. The Liquid Steel Pod also offers protection to the herb chamber and you have to clean it less.

Please note:

The Pods are compatible with all FlowerMate-V 5.0 models as well as Focusvape, Focusvape Pro / Pro S, Tourist and also Boundless CF Hybrid (not for Bondless CF).
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5x FocusVape/FlowerMate Liquid Steel Pod (capsule for oils, concentrates, extracts)

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