FlowerMate Sieve Set Ø 8.5 mm (Mouthpiece) for V5-Models (4 pcs)

Flowermate Sieve Set for the mouthpiece V5.0,V5.0S, V5.0 Pro & V5.0S Pro.
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FlowerMate Sieve Set Ø 8.5 mm for Flowermate V5.0, V5.0S, V5.0S Mini & Mini Pro, 5.0 Pro, 5.0S Pro

Stainless steel sieves for the mouthpiece of Flowermate 5.0, 5.0S, 5.0 Pro, 5.0S Pro.
FlowerMate sieve set details:
  • Particularly stabile
  • Ø 8.5 mm
  • Material: Stainless steel
Delivery scope:

4x Sieves Ø 8.5 mm for the mouthpiece compatible with Flowermate 5.0, 5.0S, 5.0S Mini & Mini Pro, V5.0 Pro & V5.0S Pro

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